Black Pomfret / கருப்பு வாவல்


Black Pomfret / கருப்பு வாவல்


Benefits of Pomfret Fish

  • Pomfret fish improves heart health because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. It also reduces blood pressure by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Both EPA and DHA are responsible for balancing the workload mechanism of the heart and increases heart efficiency.
  • Pomfrets are highly popular among the weight loss freaks as it is high in protein and low in fats which is the best-required diet for weight loss process.
  • Those consuming regular pomfrets in their diet, seem to be healthier and more immune comparatively those who never take fish in their diet. This is because it contains many minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, sodium, calcium which are related to strengthening immune power by increasing the metabolic process.
  • Moreover, pomfret fish also helps in reducing stress and increases memory power. It also plays role in balancing insulin levels in the blood which ultimately helps diabetes patients.
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